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Say ‘I do’ in one of our two licenced rooms. The Gallery can seat up to 110 guests and The Hall seats up to 54 guests.

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Asian weddings and grand receptions are one of our specialities here at Alrewas Hayes.

Our Lakeside Marquee can accommodate up to 220 guest, meanwhile the Grand Pavilion has a capacity for up to 650 guests.

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Our 5 star accommodation is the perfect place to relax following the best day of you life.

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Tie the knot on any of our remaining dates for 2019 and benefit from our fabulous offer.

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We will work with you every step of the way. Tailoring a bespoke, mouth watering menu to your individual tastes.

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Take a look through some reminders of beautiful memories of weddings which have taken place at Alrewas Hayes

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