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Tanny and Andy say ‘I do’

Tanny Price, an Alrewas Hayes newlywed reminisces about her big day:

The day I married the love of my life

I woke up to my alarm at 5am. I recall thinking, ‘is this really the day or is it another dream?’ Off goes the kettle and I pick out the Big Love Mug from our Emma Bridgewater collection. It seems a good choice for today!

Morning – Getting ready

The make up artist arrives and my bridesmaids are still getting their extra beauty sleep. I’m feeling eager to get started with our magical day.

The first reaction I remember of me in my English wedding dress, is that of my mother. She is my world, and finally she gets to see her baby daughter getting married. In walk my bridesmaids, I remember looking at my sisters and nieces, dressed in pastel pink. The peonies and English roses set off their English look perfectly.

The Guilford traditional cars arrive and so does my daddy. I had my twin and father with me on the journey to Alrewas Hayes. He talked about how proud he was of his twins, how all he ever dreamt of was to see us married to good partners, and how we had achieved more than his highest expectations.

Entrance & Ceremony

I sat patiently waiting to be called into the courtyard. I wonder what Andrew will be wearing? I’m hoping everyone has turned up? Asians love taking their time and today was not the day for that. Then I remember my brother in law was Head Usher, there was no way he would allow us to not start on time!

My bridesmaids started to line up ready to make our way to the ceremony. I want to be sitting inside watching them enter, able to see all our dearest faces. I enter to the sound of the violinist playing…I want to hold on to my daddy! The moment we shared just before we walked in will be with me for a lifetime.

I cannot take my eyes off Andrew. He looks perfect wearing his Brooks Brothers Suit from The Great Gatsby in pastel pink. The smile on our faces says a thousand words. This is the moment that has taken a ten year journey, all in the perfect setting.

The ceremony was simple, all about us. We were surrounded by so much positivity. My beautiful mother in law read a wonderful reading, and then I had a chance to hear my twin. She knows us both, our love, our journey, and always knew this day would come. I recall the giggles as Andrew reads his vows, he said he’d be patient. We could not help but giggle, its a trait he was had to work on with me!

Mr & Mrs Price

Out we walked into the courtyard. It was a perfect English summers day and the courtyard was starting to fill with our afternoon party guests. We went from 70 to 200 for the evening.

The outfits were bright and vibrant. I remember the gardens against the old brick walls and flutes of Laurent Perrier champagne. The roses were in full bloom and my friends and family gathered around us for drinks in the sunshine. This was it, he was here beside me and from this day forward I was now Mrs Price.

Cocktails & Canapes during the speech

We were never a couple for having the limelight. So we took the opportunity to have a drinks reception with canapes, whilst Andrew read out his speech with the best man. Andrews speech was heartfelt and passionate. He has a way of speaking that commanded an audience. They were in fits of laughter and I was crying…it was perfect.

Let’s get the party started!

We disappeared without anyone knowing to get changed. We went from English bride and groom to Indian attire. I loved the changeover, our Honeymoon Suite was just lovely! A stand alone bath tub and room to hold fifty people! We had these few minutes to ourselves to capture the moment.

Down we came into the Hall, the entourage was waiting. The drummers were in full swing and the building echoed with the sounds of the drums. The crowd followed the noise and led us to our secret Indian street food party. Indian food snacking stalls from all regions of India scattered the marquee. The colours were bright and the noise in awe of the decor from the guests filled the room. There was a head table right in the middle of the marquee, which was draped with flowers, it was like an Indian thrown, created just for us. We were then led onto the dance floor surrounded by dancing and partying.

The cake and first dance

We cut our cake and then went straight onto our first dance. The song was Lucky. The chorus sings ‘I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend’. This was the song Andy and I had our first kiss too, and it felt perfect considering we had been friends for ten years.

Dance the night away

The party truly began and the dance floor was full all night. Four hours of dancing included all sorts of music and genres. I recall just standing back and watching the most important people in our lives enjoy this moment.

At the end of the night we needed to escape. We grabbed a bottle of champagne and kicked off our shoes. Off we ran back into the courtyard to sit and watch the sunset and reflect on our day. It was the end of the most important day of our lives, and the start of the rest of our lives together.