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Rain, rain… go away?

With a lot of rain drenching the country over the last few weeks, and no chance of it stopping anytime soon, we thought it was time to embrace our countries wet weather, and prove Alanis Morissette wrong, that rain on your wedding day is not always a bad thing!

Besides rain being a sign of good luck on your special day, it also means the colours in your photographs will be far more vivid and intense thanks to the overcast weather. Stunning photo opportunities are created in the rain, let those rain droplets glisten, be prepared to get a ‘little’ wet, and have fun!

Get organised – If you know there is a chance that the weather may turn, purchase umbrellas and wellies for yourselves and your bridal party, and take advantage of these during your photographs, these little accessories will add a good sense of humour to your shots, but most importantly, save your new shoes from getting mucky before the evening reception.

Don’t let the weather ‘dampen’ your big day, embrace the storm and learn to dance in the rain!